Location: Palermo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Year: 2022
Project: MURO studio
Builder: MURO studio
Photography: Juan Muller
Area: 50m2

Compañia del Sol is a swimwear and casual wear company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The aim of the project was to achieve a dynamic, warm and modern environment with its own signature. The metal tube as the main element, solves the diverse needs and ways of hanging. Given the variety of clothing items and collections of the brand, the tube makes it possible to exhibit the pieces by side or front; it curves or raises to display the textiles by means of tensors. By sections is a source of light, highlighting spaces such as the facade glass window and the cash register. In changing rooms, it holds the curtains and also the ladder, which allows access to upper cabinets, optimizing the space of the store to its maximum.